Celette EAGLE laser car measuring system is now on sale.

Celette developed a new revolutionary way to measure any car in the world ,old or new .This car measuring system is very easy to set up and use and anybody can measure a car in under 10 minutes, no leveling of the car required either, it also weighs less then 10 kg and is easy to use in any area of the bodyshop. The car database is the most trustful in the collision industry and is based on the 3D CAD drawings from the car OEM , therefor guaranteed to give you the same accuracy as when the car was build on the production line.The EAGLE car measuring system also lets you print pre and post accident measuring reports as required by the insurance companies and to assure your customers that you have done a good and safe repair job. Contact your local Celette office or got to www.celette.com to order yours today.


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